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Game Info

Game Information

Little Rocket Man

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Download Played 11823 times
Category Play to others Adventure Games
Description - Instruction
Power up your rockets and jump from platform to platform land safely... Just don't fall off. This is a Skill testing Adventure game about a small toy Rocket. The Story begins as one day, rocketman and his girlfriend were sitting and taking, they were in love and they could not think about each other. All of a sudden a jealous evil robot snatches rocketmans girlfriend and flies off. Little rocketman won't rest until he has his girl back. Just beyond the doors of the toy room awaits traps, dangers, evil villains, but most important.... his girl. So help rocketman save the day, the challenges are bigger than life and precious time is running out fast. The aim of the game is to guide rocketman to the end of each world. Control his rockets to jump from platform to platform, get to the last platform of each world to continue to the next. Controls: The radar is how you control rocketman! move the mouse over the radar unit to select the power and angle of the launch. The further the mouse is from the radar, the stronger the shot. Check your launch settings and click to launch! The radar remembers the last two jumps made, use them to aid you in your jumps the small rocketman head means you made the jump. The red dot means you failed the jump the red square symbol means you used airbrakes the boost symbol means you use booster. Press space bar while you are in the air to activate the air brakes, they cause you to stop instantly and fall straight down. Press and hold the mouse button mid flight to ignite your booster. It lifts rocketman up and can help him reach platforms easier! use these sparingly because you have a limited supply of fuel.

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