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// What is about? is your personal interactive playground; a place where you can play to ONLINE GAMES for hours of fun and where you can turn your daydreams into reality.

We aggregate and distribute the best casual games on the web. We work with creative independent content developers to find and publish the very best casual gaming and more to provide fun, short, accessible and unusual digital entertainment. 

The playZgame website ( is the largest source of the best free online games on the web!



// How do you pronounce 'playZgame'?

Just like "Play The Game". Think play and game, without the silent Z that you replace by "the"...  Easy, huh?



// Can I subscribe to

Yes, you can subscribe to our RSS feed Last 10 games added Last 10 added, All games All games, Top 10 games played Top 10 played if you want to be informed about any new updates to If you don't know how to use RSS, find out more with the BBC.

If you desire, you can also subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter presents the last games, the best games and also some special events. If you subcribe, then twice a month as a maximum, we'll send you the newsletter by email. For this, we need to get your email address. Please read the following item which is about the "registration". Here are our 2 first newsletters (New Games are simply awesome and absorbing, Happy New Games 2009)



// Can I register to

Yes, you can register to our Game Portal. It allows you to be identified, to manage to favorite list of online games, to present your own information, to join the discussion in the forum, to leave your comments, to store your high scores, to count your number of points and much more... and if you desire, you can choose to receive our newsletter (2 per month maximum).

The registration procedure is very simple. You just have to submit the registration form. We send you an email to check that your email is correct and avoid spammers. In the sent email, you just have to click on the link to activate your account. That's all !



// Can I submit games to

By submitting your game to playZgame, we’ll put your game, name and link in front of an audience of millions and possibly sponsor it! Simply upload your own game directly to us using the form. We may even promote your game on playZgame, give you a credit and link back to your site. And if we're interested in sponsoring your game, we'll contact you and provide all the necessary details. Give your game to the masses by clicking here!



// Can I join the group 'Got fun on playZgame' on Facebook?

This is very easy... click on the following button Join ''Got fun on playZgame'' group on Facebook and join the group. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends. You are all welcome to join !



// How can I contact playZgame ?

You can follow one options amonsgt: filling the "contact" form or sending an email to webmaster[at] replacing [at] by @.



// Thank you all ! has became real thanks to many things amongst the power of internet, all the work done by many developpers under GNU General Public License, and by meeting people in the real like ! 

YOU ! as game players (young or mature), publishers, webmasters, bloggers
All game developpers (Mochiads networks and all others WW communities)
Thibaut Maquet (good advices on his blog and no limit imagination )
Valérie (Akenini's webmaster)

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