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Games » Adventure Games » Wicky Woo in Lava Land

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Game Info

Game Information

Wicky Woo in Lava Land

Control Control this game with the mouse
Download Played 2961 times
Category Play to others Adventure Games
Description - Instruction
After a few years of relaxation, Wicky Woo finds himself on another adventure. Instead of fighting blobs in space, Wicky Woo is wandering into a new world called Lava Land! To his surprise, Wicky Woo finds some of the very same foes he fought before only in different forms. He also discovers some new rivals and some even tougher enemies. The atmosphere of Lava Land is too hot for Wicky Woo so he has upgraded his orange suit to a cool blue suit. The trek through Lava Land is Wicky Woo most exciting adventure yet! Lava Land is filled with oozing lava, sizzling fire, tricky traps beyond belief and many other surprises that will keep Wicky Woo on his feet! * The Gravity * (Jumping) The great thing about Wicky Woo's new suit is the ability to time jumps. Holding the (UP) key lowers Wicky Woo's gravity. This means if you hold (UP) even after you have begun the jump, you will jump even higher, and you will fall slower. Holding (UP) lets you jump higher and farther. Letting go of the (UP) key being held will cause Wicky Woo to fall faster. This means Wicky Woo will not jump as high and will land on the ground much sooner. You will develop sensitive jumping skills as you become an expert in Wicky Woo in Lava Land. Jumping is essential and can rewarding if you master it. * The Principles * (Rules) The game consists of 10 levels which each contain 5 sub-levels At the end of every sub-level is a bone door. Get to this and you have beat the sub-level At the end of each level (sub-level 5), there is a boss whom you must defeat to continue When you have reached a boss, time stops for the battle If you die during a boss battle or defeat the boss, time starts right back up If you run out of lives, you restart at the beginning of the level (level x, sub-level 1) Your health bar is really a heat bar The fuller your heat bar becomes, the hotter your suit is, and the closer you are to death If your suit takes too much heat damage, it will explode Damage to your suit quickly builds up as you get hurt Ice Crystals replenish your health by 1% Collecting all 100 Ice Crystals in a sub-level results in an extra life Along with collecting all 100 Ice Crystals, an extra life is hidden in every sub-level Some enemies can be destroyed by shooting them, others can only be jumped on Several enemies in the game cannot be destroyed and must be avoided, be careful! After taking damage, you cannot be hurt for about two seconds If you are on a bone traveling upwards, you'll be crushed if the bone reaches the ceiling To climb, you must be on top of the ladder or on the ground, not in the air The direction you're facing when you get on the ladder is the direction you can shoot

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