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Date 2007/5/25 17:36:15 | Topic: News

Vote for the game you like and find them on your favorite !

As you have probably noticed, beginning of may 2007, a new icon appeared which were a sign of a coming new possibility on playZgame...

So, after having fun with a game, on each game page, you will see (below the game) 2 buttons. Click on this button if you like the game or on this one if you don't like it. You can vote only once a day (every 24 hours) on each game.

This will allow you to determine the quality of a game and to know if it is a great game or a bad one.

In parallel, I am developing for you a special view (for all members of playZgame) where you will see only your favorite games (with the ones that you have selected as "I like this game" and sorted by the number of times you have voted for the games).

Later on few days, I foresee to promote specifically the games of good quality and to remove the games of bad quality !! So that you will see some messages as :

"the member 'lillymayro' advice to all playing to this game"

If you are not yet registered at playZgame, you can do it here. This is very quickly... We will not SPAM your mailbox... It's free and we will never ask you for money... so just to do it !

Having fun on playZgame !
Snoozy (AB)

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