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Newsletter – December 2009

Choose your favorite colored theme amongst "Halloween", "Snowball", "Water Game"... and much more. 
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Spider-Man 3 - The Battle Within

December 12th, Happy Xmas !
Face off against Spiderman's greatest foes:
Harry Osborn as the New Goblin, the Sandman & finally Venom.
Only quick reflexes can defeat Spidey's enemies & resist the dark powers of the symbiote.



Bloppy (Multiplayer)

November 24th, this new strange game has appear...
Use skill and speed to combine all the bloppycells and create the biggest Bloppy!
You have to convert all bloppycells into bloppydrops. To do so, click on a bloppycell
and hold the left mouse button down to draw a selection square.



Tropix 2 - The Quest For the Golden Banana

November 15th, Tropix 2 is one of the games that kept the attention this month.
Explore new islands in Tropix 2.
The Quest for the Golden Banana!
Play three different mini-games and fight off pirates.



Air Hockey

September 23th, the bank is calling you...
It's time for some quick reflexes, deceptive attacks and solid defense.
Oh Boy! Sounds great.


Cold Fusion, Fireworks, Stackle, Airport Madness 2,
Winx club girls dress up, Michael Jackson dressup

Your favorite games on the last 6 months !



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Alain Brun (Snoozy)


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