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Newsletter – April 2009

Happy Easter !



Reminder: Choose your favorite colored theme amongst "Halloween", "Snowball", "Water Game"... and much more.


Chicken Mate

April 10th, Happy Easter !
You are a crafty fox stealing the eggs.
This game includes a "highscores" board. Are you the champion ? High scorer, enter your name in the legend!
If you are connected to as member, your score will be saved automatically (Login / Register (free).



Thinking Machine 4

March 27th, this new strange game has appear...
Play chess online. Thinking Machine 4 explores the invisible, elusive nature of thought.
Play chess against a transparent intelligence, its evolving thought process visible on the board before you.



Smashing Cannonballs

March 23rd, Smashing cannonballs is one of the games that keep the attention this month.
Try knocking down castles around the world by shooting cannonballs.
Use the mouse to fire the cannon.



Deal or No Deal

March 13th, the bank is calling you...
An online version of the show, where you open boxes in a manner that leaves the largest prize unopened.
Play Online Deal or No Deal, the great TV show !


Free Games For Your Site / Blog

February 20th, A new game page appears...
You can take a copy of the games in order to host it on your site or on your blog.
You can also use a link (text, image) or also embed directly the game by itself on your own blog or website.



My last personal favorite game !
An old temple of the Inca holds secrets, that have to be solved in this adventurous game of numbers.
The numbers of the selected beads have to sum up to 7 to remove them from the game and score points.



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Alain Brun (Snoozy)


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